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Spells (The Hell)

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More information is available here: http://www.thehellmod.ucoz.ru/Downloads/spells.xls

Learning spells

The maximum level of a spell that can be learned from a book is (3 + [clvl / 4]), rounded down. The maximum spell level that can be achieved by reading books is 15 (at clvl=48). A spell level can be raised above that value by magical items and (only for Mage class) by the effect of Fury spell.

Each spell book has a minimum required Magcur to learn level 1 spell. For other spell levels, the minimum Magcur is calculated as follows:

  • (Magcur to learn spell level 2) = [(Magcur to learn spell level 1) * 1.2]
  • (Magcur to learn spell level 3) = [(Magcur to learn spell level 2) * 1.2]
  • ...
  • (Magcur to learn spell level N) = [(Magcur to learn spell level N-1) * 1.2]

where [ ] means rounding down. It's useful to temporarily equip items that raise Magcur for reading.

When casting a spell from a staff, it has the same level as in the character's spell-book. If the character doesn't know this spell, level 1 is used.







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