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Spells in Diablo I are shared among all classes, with the exception of a few class-specific spells. All spells cost mana and since there are heavy magic restrictions imposed on all classes except for the Sorcerer, the other classes have to rely heavily on regular melee attacks. This is in stark contrast to Diablo II and Diablo III, where all classes tend to use skills and spells constantly.

The spells available are divided by the pages on which they appear in the in-game spellbook. These can roughly be considered tiers, where Page 1 spells are the weakest and Page 4 are the strongest. Page 5 spells are exclusive to Hellfire, and Page 6 spells exist but cannot be learned.

Spells use relatively complex damage formulas in Diablo I. The complete formulas are listed on the individual skill pages. For an explanation of how the equations actually work, see Spell Calculations.

Most of the information regarding spells was taken from Jarulf's Guide.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Page 1[edit | edit source]

Page 1
Item Repair (Diablo I).png Staff Recharge (Diablo I).png Disarm Traps (Diablo I).png Rage (Diablo I).png Firebolt (Diablo I).png
Item Repair Staff Recharge Disarm Traps Rage Firebolt
Warrior Only Sorcerer Only Rogue Only Barbarian Only
Charged Bolt (Diablo I).png Healing (Diablo I).png Heal Other (Diablo I).png Holy Bolt (Diablo I).png Inferno (Diablo I).png
Charged Bolt Healing Heal Other Holy Bolt Inferno
Multiplayer Only

Page 2[edit | edit source]

Page 2
Resurrect (Diablo I).png Fire Wall (Diablo I).png Telekinesis (Diablo I).png Lightning (Diablo I).png Town Portal (Diablo I).png Flash (Diablo I).png Stone Curse (Diablo I).png
Resurrect Fire Wall Telekinesis Lightning Town Portal Flash Stone Curse
Multiplayer Only
Scrolls/Items Only

Page 3[edit | edit source]

Page 3
Phasing (Diablo I).png Mana Shield (Diablo I).png Elemental (Diablo I).png Fireball (Diablo I).png Flame Wave (Diablo I).png Chain Lightning (Diablo I).png Guardian (Diablo I).png
Phasing Mana Shield Elemental Fireball Flame Wave Chain Lightning Guardian

Page 4[edit | edit source]

Page 4
Nova (Diablo I).png Golem (Diablo I).png Teleport (Diablo I).png Apocalypse (Diablo I).png Bone Spirit (Diablo I).png Blood Star (Diablo I).png
Nova Golem Teleport Apocalypse Bone Spirit Blood Star
Scrolls/Items in
regular Diablo I

Page 5[edit | edit source]

Page 5
Lightning Wall (Diablo I).png Immolation (Diablo I).png Warp (Diablo I).png Reflect (Diablo I).png Berserk (Diablo I).png Ring of Fire (Diablo I).png Search (Diablo I).png
Lightning Wall Immolation Warp Reflect Berserk Ring of Fire Search
Hellfire Only Hellfire Only Hellfire Only Hellfire Only Hellfire Only Hellfire Only Hellfire Only

Page 6[edit | edit source]

Page 6
Infravision (Diablo I).png Identify (Diablo I).png Jester (Diablo I).png Magi (Diablo I).png Magi (Diablo I).png
Infravision Identify Jester Magi Mana
Hellfire Only Hellfire Only Hellfire Only