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Soulbinding is a game mechanic that limits the ownership of items by permanently attaching them to a character. Once an item is attached it is considered soulbound and cannot be traded. This mechanic can be used to prevent twinking; gaining an advantage by using an item before their intended level. Items may have different means of becoming soulbound:

  • Equipping an item, also known as "Bind on Equip" (BoE). This form allows players to trade items until they are finally put to use.
  • Picking up an item, also known as "Bind on Pickup" (BoP). Theses items will immediately become soulbound once they enter the player's inventory, and thus can be useful for non-equippable items.

"Bind to Account" or "Bind on Account" (BoA) is a broader form of BoE in which the player is allowed to share items between any character on their account. This would allow players trade items as hand-me-downs to their newer characters, but not to other players' accounts.

Diablo III

Only quest items in Diablo III have the property of being BoP.[1] Outside of quest items, soulbinding has been completely removed as an item mechanic.[2]

Diablo II

Some quest items, such as the Horadric Scroll is untradeable between players. Others, like the Hellforge Hammer is tradeable, and since it does not have level restrictions it could be given to a new character to aid in leveling.