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Sons of Ohr Guild

We are the Sons of Ohr
Soldiers in the endless fight
We are those who live to die
In service to the Light

Established Mar 2, 2010
Game(s) Diablo, D II, D III
Website SoO thread
Leader Jetrall
Members 18 (Apr 8, 2010)
BNet Play? Yes

Guild Roster

Name BNet Realm BNet Username Email MSN Skype
Jetrall US East / West Jetrall
Mephisto's Lament N/A N/A
ScyberDragon US West Scyberdragon scyberdragon
emilemil1 Europe emilemil1 MetaLynX
Zhar US East the-godfather
Sixen All Sixen
Stormcat US East / West cincher
Zhuge N/A N/A
Seth US East / West Hamster[xK] / cisforcookie
Donsro US East / West Donsro
ZeitGeist N/A N/A
Paragraph71 Europe Paragraph71
DarkMagicc US East DarkMagicc
Khalid US East / Europe Ajamz
maximusje Europe Maximusje
Junction3 US East / West Junction3 / Junction.3 Junction3
Jarhead89 N/A Jarhead89
whiteghost21 N/A N/A

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