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Sons of Ohr Events

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Sons of Ohr   Roster   Events    
Sons of Ohr Guild

We are the Sons of Ohr
Soldiers in the endless fight
We are those who live to die
In service to the Light

Established Mar 2, 2010
Game(s) Diablo, D II, D III
Website SoO thread
Leader Jetrall
Members 18 (Apr 8, 2010)
BNet Play? Yes

Past Events

LoD Ironman Derby - Round 1: (03/20/2010)
Nature Of Event: Diablo II Lord of Destruction Ironman Derby
Platform / Realm: BattleNet, US East
Date & Time: Saturday, March 20 (3:00 PM PST)
Particpants: 4 (Jetrall, Sixen, Stormcat, Donsro)
Notes: This was the Sons of Ohr's first event! Congratulations and thank you to everyone that participated! The event went off very well, considering the brand-new status of the guild and the inexperience of the participants with Ironman games. All players involved considered the activity a success. When asked if they would like to continue the event into a second round, all parties agreed.

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