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Slows Target (Diablo II)

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Slows target is a Diablo II combat mechanic that appears as an Item Mod on some Unique, Set or Rune Word items. It also appears on several skills such as: Decrepify, Holy Freeze and Clay Golem. Every successful attack will slow the target's attack and run/walk speed by the announced percentage for a fixed duration, similar to the effect of cold damage, but it is in fact separate.


  • The primary effect is to slow all actions by a fixed percentage.
  • All percentages from items and skills are additive, and capped at 50% per source.
  • The player versus player cap for this effect is 50%.
  • The effect works against all monsters, but is capped between 50 and 85% on some monsters.
  • The Cannot be Frozen mod has no effect on slows.