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Skeletal Mage

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Skeletal Mage
Skeletal Mage
Game Diablo III
Class Necromancer
Type Active - Secondary
Damage type Physical
Unlock level 5
Cost 40 Essence
Raise a skeleton from the ground to attack your foes dealing 400% weapon damage as Physical over two attacks. Lasts 2 seconds.
Disambig.png This article is about the Diablo III skill. For the Diablo II skill, see Skeletal Mage (Diablo II).

Skeletal Mage is a Necromancer active skill in Diablo III.


Level Skill rune
11 Gift of Death
Gift of Death (Physical)
Risen mages leave a corpse behind when they die or expire.
15 Contamination
Contamination (Poison)
Raise a contaminated mage that channels an aura of decay for 100% weapon damage as Poison for its duration.
19 Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Archer (Cold)
Raise a Skeleton Archer that deals 400% weapon damage as Cold.
Skeleton Archers increase your attack speed by 3% for 5 seconds each time they deal damage. Max 10 stacks.
29 Singularity
Singularity (Physical)
Consumes all Essence to summon a powerful minion. The minion's damage is increased by 3% for every point of Essence consumed.
47 Life Support
Life Support (Physical)
Risen mages cost 10% health to cast but last an additional 2 seconds.


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