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Skeletal Guardian

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Skeletal Guardians are the glass cannons of the skeleton families. They possess highly damaging elemental range attacks that are often used to support more tough skeletons against the party. As they have very little life, they will flee melee confrontations making them very annoying to melee party members. Players should be aware that they can spawn in high numbers which have a tendency to fire all at the same time and "nuke" a character with huge amounts of damage, usually killing them. For this reason it is advisable to snake towards groups of Skeletal Guardians rather than charging straight at them.


  • Elementally Enhanced
    Every individual is aligned to a specific element. Each element grants different abilities that are family dependent.
    • Cold
      Shoots three icy missiles in an arc centered toward the target. Each missile is offset by approximately 45 degrees (pi/4 radian). Missile impact does low chilling damage that slows party members. All created missiles can hit the same target if he is close enough at launch.
    • Fire
      Shoots a slow traveling molten blast that does little damage on impact but creates a molten pool on the ground for several seconds. The molten pool does moderate continuous damage to all party members who stand on it.
    • Lightning
      Shoots a fast traveling bolt of lightning that does high damage with a huge variance on impact. The attack cast point is considerably longer than with other elements, giving the appearance of charging up. Charging can be interrupted by causing monster to flinch.
    • Poison
      Shoots a poisonous burst that does moderate damage on impact. A Poison Nova is created on death that deals moderate damaged to all nearby party members.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Ghezrim The Bone Flayer

Charged Construct

Part of Guardian Spirits.

Mage Lord Misgen.png

Mage Lord Misgen Guardian Lord of Blood

Blazing Guardian

Part of the quest Blood and Sand.
Spawn after picking up Zoltun Kulles Blood.