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Desecrated Fortune Shrine.jpg

Shrines are powerup locations that provide the player with a short bonus whether it be a temporary buff, item, or favorable change to their surroundings.[1] Upon player interaction, the shrines bestows its bonus to the player with the message "Blessing Received". Unlike in Diablo II, effects from different shrines can stack. In co-op, they will provide bonuses to all players near enough to the Shrine when it's activated.


  • Enlightened Shrine°: provides a 25% multiplicative boost to earned experience from kills for 2 minutes.
  • Frenzied Shrine: +25% attack speed for 2 minutes.
  • Fortune Shrine: +25% Magic/Gold find for 2 minutes.
  • Blessed Shrine: Damage taken reduced further by 25% for 2 minutes.
  • Empowered Shrine: Resource generation is doubled and cooldowns are cut in half
  • Fleeting Shrine: +25% increased movement speed and pickup radius is increased by 20 yards

°The bonus from this shrine also applies to the EXP bonuses from gear, effectively increasing the bonuses' actual values.


Wells in Diablo III will spawn anywhere a Shrine can, but also have the ability to refill.

  • Healing Well: restores all of the player's health. Refills after 60 seconds.