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Listen to all of Covetous Shen's conversations in Act V.
TypeGeneral > Conversations
  • Liria
  • The God of Desire
  • Zei's Plan
  • A Perfect Night
  • Zei's Joy
  • Zei's Sorrow
  • The Jeweler of Dirgest
  • The Search
Achievement Series

Shensational is an Achievement which requires listening to the conversations of Covetous Shen in Act V.


  • Conversations are available at the beginning of the quest, unless otherwise stated.
  • Please take note that certain conversations will are only available during a brief window between the end of a quest and the start of the next quest. These will be marked with an asterisk (*).
Conversation Quest - The Jewel of Dirgest triggers quest - The Battlefields of Eternity - Siege Runes
Liria Souls Of The Dead - Gideon's Row
The God of Desire Souls Of The Dead - Nobles' rest courtyard
Zei's Plan The Harbinger - Westmarch heights
A Perfect Night The Witch - Ruins of corvus
Zei's Joy The Witch - Ruins of corvus (after listening to 'A Perfect Night')
Zei's Sorrow The Battlefields of Eternity - Start Quest
The Jewel of Dirgest The Battlefields of Eternity - Siege Runes - Talk to Shen, NOTE: This starts a quest.
The Search Just talk to Shen after completion of the quest triggered by "The Jewel of Dirgest" conversation.