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Sets Appeal

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Sets Appeal
Sets Appeal.png
Complete one of the following level 60 unique item sets.
TypeGeneral > Exploration
Achievement Series

Sets Appeal is an Achievement which requires collecting at least one unique item Set.

In Patch 1.0.4, set items were updated with better stats. These items were released under new names and form new sets[1]. The achievement seems to work for both the old legacy sets (pre-1.0.4), and the new updated sets (post-1.0.4).

List of items

Legacy Sets (before Patch 1.0.4)
Immortal King Inna's Majesty Natalya's Wrath Tal Rasha's Wrappings Zunimassa's Spirit
Updated Sets (after Patch 1.0.4)
Immortal King's Legend Inna's Grandeur Natalya's Solace Tal Rasha's Sacrifice Zunimassa's Whispers