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Scavengers are ugly, pathetic creatures who survive off of carrion and corpses too diseased to attract any other carnivores. I did once meet a raggedy fellow who claimed that he had trained one of the beasts to bring him large rats to eat, but I'm sure the story is utter nonsense.

— Abd al-Hazir

Scavengers are Animals which returned from Diablo I with some properties of the Leapers from Diablo II.

Scavengers look like a hybrid between a horse, a hyena and a rabbit, three very unrelated animals which when combined give rise to a monstrosity like the Scavenger.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Armorer's Bane.png

Armorer's Bane Harrower of Filth

Burrowing Leaper

Spawns as part of the quest event The Scavenged Scabbard.

Burrow Bile.jpg

Burrow Bile Mauler of the Fields

Burrowing Leaper

Created as part of the final wave of Burrowing Leapers from a trap on the dead Beast outside the Farmer's Cellar. Must be killed to enter Farmer's Cellar.

Dreadclaw the Leaper.png

Dreadclaw the Leaper Rodent of Unusual Size

Burrowing Leaper

Randomly spawns in area. Part of A Unique Collection series of achievements.


Mange Vicious Infected Beast


Randomly spawns in area. Part of A Unique Collection series of achievements.


Fortune Hoarder

Burrowing Leaper

Created as part of a trap on the last Ore deposit required by The Precious Ores event. Must be killed to complete the event and provides the reward drop for the event.