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Roehn's Werebear

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My Opinion

I didn't fully agree with the one posted here, so I decided to post my own build. I didn't make this from scratch.

Once again I copied the outline of someone's wiki page and altered it for my purposes (emilemil1's guide)

This build utilizes the skills Werebear, Maul, Heart of Wolverine, and Shockwave to tackle the forces of Hell.


Strength: Only enough to use your gear.

Dexterity: Enough to use equipment. Might need to put some points here for AR but most likely not.

Vitality: All other points here.

Energy: None here you'll have plenty of mana at the end.


Shape Shifting Skills


Prerequisite for Lycantrophy.


Increases the duration and life bonus of Werebear. Definitely max this..


This is the focus of the build so max it.


This is the main attack skill. Max it


This skill is important for mob control. It's saved my life a lot. Remaining points here.

Summoning Skills

Oak Sage

Prereq for heart of wolverine. The life is nice but the bear has plenty.

Heart of Wolverine

Max this, it adds damage and gives some AR.




My build for the werebear sacrifices shields and the chance to block for a two handed weapon.

I don't really have anything against them I just enjoy two handed weapons more.

Eth Breath of the Dying (Thunder Maul)

I started with a spear, but considering that druids have a fast attack speed with mauls I decided to try this.

The low hit can be bad but the high hit is nice.


Fortitude (Archon Plate) Info I went with fortitude because of the enhanced damage. The sacrifice of lower resists can be made up in charms.

Chains of Honor (Archon Plate) Info If you don't like the idea of lower resistance than this is the armor you should use. The +resists are incredibly helpful.


Jalal's Mane (Totemic Mask) Info This is the helm I use. FHR, AR bonus, +skills, and resists make it very helpful. You can socket it for more resists or DR if necessary.


Verdungo's Hearty Cord (Mithril Coil) Info This belt is very nice for the added vitality and DR.


Dracul's Grasp (Vampirebone Gloves) Info These gloves help with survival with life leech, and when life tap comes on there's nothing to worry about.


Gore Rider (War Boots) Info 30% Faster Run/Walk, 10% Chance of Open Wounds, 15% Chance of Crushing Blow, and 15% Deadly Strike. Nothing else to really ask for.


Mara's Kaleidoscope Info +2 To All Skills, All Resistances +20-30%, and +5 To All Attrbutes.

I personally use this because it helps with the resists I lost using Fortitude.

Highlord's Wrath Info +1 To All Skills, +20% Increased Attack Speed, + 0.375 Deadly Strike Per Character Level, and Lightning Resist +35%.

I personally haven't used it but I've heard it's better to use than Mara's.


Raven Frost Info This is basically a requirement. The CBF mod is a life saver. Plus it adds to Dex and AR which is equally desirable.

Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band Info +1 To All Skills, +0.5 Life Per Character Level, and 3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit.

I personally use this and think it's the best option for a second ring but it's not necessary.

Crafted Ring Info If you can't manage to get a BK, or don't want one, then this is your best bet.


This is the same for every other build. A torch for your class, skiller gcs, anni if possible.

Charms basically are there to make up for any weakness in the character.


Call To Arms (1 handed weapon) Info

This is purely for prebuffs and isn't entirely necessary, but incredibly helpful. The only buff really needed is BO.

If you're with a barb this is essentially useless. Can use a Fleshrender to get buffs for Shape Shifting skills if you can't get this.

Spirit (Monarch) (Ladder Only) Info

Still just for prebuffs and not necessary. Can be replaced with a Lidless wall.


Act 2 merc is the way to go here, the auras are beyond helpful. Either get a Blessed Aim merc, or if you think you're good on AR (which you probably are) go for a might merc.


Gear for your merc is pretty flexible, but if you're giving him a Pride CV go for Andariel's Visage.


Ethereal Fortitude Archon Plate is the ideal choice here, and if you can get a bugged one then you're golden.


I'm trying for a Pride but at the moment I'm settling for a Bonehew.

Skill Levels (BC counted)

If you use what I do and can manage to get the skill gcs then your SSing skills will be as follows.


Level 43

Life: +190%

Duration: 920 Seconds

Damage: +344%

Defense: +235%


Level 43

Life: +230%

Duration: +880 Seconds

Heart of Wolverine

Level 32

Life: 1260

Damage: +237%

Attack: +242%

Radius: 61 Yards (the distance between 2 opposite corners on the maximum resolution is 23 Yards)


This is because there's no bonus from Cta or Spirit.

Level 40

Stun Length: 3.8 Seconds

Damage: +20-860%

Attack: +420%

Leveling Guide

Level 1-20

I'm not against most lvling methods, with the exception of gubering (thank you patch 1.13). So my method is Trist to 15, then Tomb to 20.

Level 20-40/45

Cow to 25 then Baal to 40. You can Baal to 45 if you want (I do) but it's not necessary.

Level 40/45-60/75

Get to Act 5 and Baal. Depending on your situation you can decide to stop at 60, or do what I do and go to 75.

Level 60/75-99

Baal runs.


I haven't really been active, in fact this is the first active thing I've done. However on the forum my username is Roehn.