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Roehn's Summon Necro

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This is my version of the summon necro build. This guide is for PvM. This is my first guide so it's really just LinkX's guide edited to my preferences.



You are going to want enough strength to wear your gear.


Only enough to use your gear or for max block.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


You will want to put the rest of your points in this spot. Literally, every spare point will go in here.


Summoning Spells

Raise Skeleton is your main skill. You need 20 points in this.

Skeleton Mastery will power your skeletons. You will need 20 points in this too.

Clay Golem Slows enemies and makes great tanks when combined with mastery. I put 15 here, with 15 in mastery you can get 33k life golem.

Golem Mastery Prereq for summon resist. I put 15 here to buff my golem tank.

Summon Resist will give your summoned creatures resistance to elemental damage. Very helpful but diminishing returns make overinvestment pointless. 5 here and let +skills do the rest.

Summon Skeletal Mage is a prerequisite for Revive. Only 1 point in this.

Revive will help your Skelleton Warriors, however your plus skills will boost the numbers of Revives. Only 1 point in this.

Nothing else in the Summoning tab.


Depends on what you want to do but I put 1 point in all curses for flexibility.

Leave the rest of this tab alone.

Poison and Bone Spells

Teeth 1 point as a prerequisite.

Corpse Explosion Main attack skill. Your skellies kill monsters and you clean up with this.

Nothing else in this tab.


Helmet: Harlequin Crest Shako

Chest: Archon Plate Enigma

Belt: Arachnid's Mesh

Feet: Sandstorm Trek Scarabshell Boots

Hands: Pretty flexible here but I went with Frostburns for more mana.

Weapon: Beast Zerker for the Fanat aura. Arm of King Leoric is an acceptable substitute (I use it for prebuffs).

Shield: Homunculus

Rings:' Depends on your preference, but SoJs are probably best.

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope/+3 Skiller/Crafted ammy

Mercenary's Gear

Helmet: Andariel's Visage

Chest: Eth Fortitude Archon Plate

Weapon: Eth Pride Colossus Voulge for Concentration Aura. Bonehew might be better until you have all your skellies.


Basically you want to use your Mercenary to kill some fallen to summon your skeletons. Your Mercenary will also give both his normal aura of Might as well as the aura on the weapon, Concentration, which will give your skeletons more damage. You will want to use curses on your enemies depending on the situation.

Thank you for reading, feel free to give feedback, I'm Roehn on the forums.