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Rockworms are disgusting creatures that burst through the ground under the party's feet to attack. Some Rockworms will even try and swallow party members whole, however they are unable to keep them down and the swallowed member will break free, although considerably damaged. Even without swallowing, they inflict moderate damage by biting the party with their heads. Entire packs of Rockworms can attack at times which quickly adds up to high damage. Rockworms are especially fond of attack trailing ranged party members as tough melee party members will often walk right past them before they can burst out of the ground.


  • Permanently Buried
    Being permanently buried prevents targeting and all damage. Only after using Ambush from Below to attack a party member and reveal their head can they be targeted and damaged.
  • Ambush from Below
    Rapidly digs through the ground under the player to burst their head out and attack. The ground cracks this causes can be spotted for a few moments before they break through. Some variants will swallow party members directly above where they break through the ground.
  • Retract Head
    Retracts currently exposed head restoring to Permanently Buried state. After using Ambush from Below to attack a party member and expose the head but if no party member is still in melee range then Retract Head is used, often followed by a new Ambush from Below underneath a party member.




Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes


Rockmaw Devour of the Deep


Graveljaw the Devourer.png

Graveljaw the Devourer Lord of Worms


One of two possible room components. Always spawns with component. Guards the entrance to the Tunnels of the Rockworm. Entrance appears underneath on death.

Shaitan the Broodmother.jpg

Shaitan the Broodmother Great Maker


Guards the entrance to the Cave of Burrowing Horror Level 1. Entrance appears underneath on death. Rockworms are continuously created around her. All spawned Rockworms disappear when she dies.