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Richard A. Knaak is author of most of the novels of the Diablo Series. He has also written for Blizzard's other game universes of Warcraft and StarCraft, along with his own Dragonlance series, his own created The Dragonrealm world and three books for The Age of Conan.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Richard A. Knaak was born in Chicago on May 28, 1961.

Diablo Bibliography[edit | edit source]

The Sin War trilogy:

It is known that Knaak is working on another Diablo novel, though can not comment on it at this point in time.

Other books for Blizzard[edit | edit source]

Warcraft[edit | edit source]

  • Day of the Dragon (2001)
  • Night of the Dragon (2008)

War of the Ancients trilogy:

  • The Well of Eternity (2004)
  • The Demon Soul (2004)
  • The Sundering (2005)

Sunwell Trilogy:

  • Dragon Hunt (2005)
  • Shadows of Ice (2006)
  • Ghostlands (2007)

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