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This data is relevant to the game version 1.205e

When the skill is active, the passive melee damage reduction is only 50% efficient, but monsters receive 800% of damage absorbed (bosses receive 400%). When the skill is inactive, damage reduction is 100% efficient, but monsters don't take back any damage.

The percent of reflected damage is taken from the damage absorbed by the melee damage reduction skill, not from the damage taken by a player[1]. Here are the values of melee damage reduction for different classes:

Class Melee damage reduction %
Paladin Rnd[24 + Vitbase/8] + 25
Scout Rnd[24 + Vitbase/8] + 5
Mage Rnd[24 + Vitbase/8] + 5
Monk Rnd[24 + Vitbase/8] + 12 + clvl/8
Assassin Rnd[24 + Vitbase/8] + 11 + clvl/4
Gladiator Rnd[36 + Vitbase/8] + 30

The reflected damage is usually much less than 400% of a damage to character's life, especially for classes with low damage resistance. Characters with high damage reduction reflect more damage, but they also suffer more from weakening of damage reduction.

If a character blocks an attack while under the effect of Reflect, he or she receives no damage, as usual. But the enemy still receives the damage as if the attack were not blocked.

The Reflect effect disappears after (clvl+slvl) hits taken.

This is a starting skill of Gladiators and they can cast it without using mana; other classes can learn it from books.

Aegis is an old name of Reflect skill. Its effect and name were changed in v1.118, and there is no more Aegis skill in the game.

Hotkey for Reflect: F3

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  1. The changelog is ambiguous about this, but a simple testing when monsters are allowed to hit characters without any gear under the effect of Reflect seems to confirm it.