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Ral (Median XL)

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Ral Rune
Number 8 of 50
Ral Rune.png

Weapons: +5% to Fire Spell Damage
Armor: +5% to Fire Spell Damage
Shields: +5% to Fire Spell Damage

Level Requirement: 19

Ral is the eighth rune in Median XL.
It can be made by cubing 2 Tal runes together.
It is a common rune in the game and is used in 3 runewords

Rune words

1-4 Socket Helms
0-3 Jewels + Ral
Level Requirement : 19

1% Chance to cast level 6 Celerity on Attack

40% Faster Run/Walk
+(6 to 10)% to Fire Spell Damage
5% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(101 to 150) Maximum Stamina

Level 5 Blast Wave (5 Charges)

1-6 Socket Necromancer Crossbows
0-5 Jewels + Ral
Level Requirement : 19

5% Chance to cast level 7 Venomous Spirit on Striking

+1 to Necromancer Skill Levels
+(51 to 100)% Enhanced Damage
+1 to Ghost Arrow
Slows Target by (11 to 15)%

(11 to 15)% Reanimate as: Blink

1-6 Socket Assassin Naginatas
0-5 Jewels + Ral
Level Requirement : 19

+(61 to 80)% Enhanced Damage

40% Faster Run/Walk
20% Increased Attack Speed
40% Faster Hit Recovery
+5% to Fire Spell Damage
+5% to Lightning Spell Damage
10% Chance to Avoid Damage

(11 to 20)% Chance of Uninterruptable Attack