Rakanishu's Blade

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Rakanishu's Blade

Rakanishu's Blade.png



Damage -(11-11)
Damage (5-5) - (11-11)
Attack Speed 1.4-1.4
Armor Expression error: Unexpected round operator.-Expression error: Unexpected round operator.
Durability 50 - 65
Required Level 16
Item Level 19
Sockets display: none;
Sell Value 630 Gold.png
Set Name [[]]

 •  +2 Random Properties
 •  Increases attack speed by 6 - 7%
 •  +(1 - 2) - (3 - 5) Lightning Damage

Rakanishu, Lord of the Fallen, drove his minions to frenzied battle. They could often be heard screaming his name as they rushed headlong to their deaths.


This blade is named after Rakanishu, a Super Unique Carver found in the Stony Field in Diablo II. He was one of the first Lightning Enchanted monsters encountered and so often killed new players.