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Rainbow Stone (Median XL)

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Rainbow Stone

Image Gem Level Gem Grade Weapon Effect Armor Effect Shield Effect
Chippedrainbowstone (Median XL).jpg 1 Chipped 1% Crushing Blow +4 Crafting Points 2% Curse Length Reduction
Flawedrainbowstone (Median XL).jpg 5 Flawed 2% Crushing Blow +8 Crafting Points 4% Curse Length Reduction
Normalrainbowstone (Median XL).jpg 12 Normal 3% Crushing Blow +12 Crafting Points 6% Curse Length Reduction
Flawlessrainbowstone (Median XL).jpg 15 Flawless 4% Crushing Blow +16 Crafting Points 8% Curse Length Reduction
Perfectrainbowstone (Median XL).jpg 18 Perfect 5% Crushing Blow +20 Crafting Points 10% Curse Length Reduction