Poisoned Water Supply (Diablo I Quest)

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Poisoned Water Supply
Quest Giver Pepin
Dungeon Level Cathedral Level 2
Goal Kill all enemies in a sublevel
Reward Ring of Truth
Multiplayer? No

This quest involves the cleansing of Tristram's tainted water source. All Diablo games contain either this quest or the Curse of King Leoric quest. At the beginning of the game, if the fountain in the center of the town of Tristram is full of yellow-colored water, this quest is present in the game. It is initiated by speaking to Pepin after entering the dungeon for the first time. Completion of this quest will grant the player the Ring of Truth. The tainted water source is located in a sublevel which originates from the second floor of the dungeon. The entrance appears as an opening in the wall, and there are several candles nearby. Inside, there is more of the yellow-colored water. Once all enemies within the sublevel are defeated, the water changes back to normal, indicating the completion of this quest.

This quest shares the same quest group as The Curse of King Leoric, meaning only one of these two quests will appear in any given game.

Quest Activation Dialog

Pepin: "I'm glad I caught up to you in time! Our wells have become brackish and stagnant and some of the townspeople have become ill from drinking them. Our reserves of fresh water are quickly running dry. I believe that there is a passage that leads to the springs that serve our town. Please find what has caused this calamity, or we all will surely perish."

NPC Quest Dialog

Adria: "The people of Tristram will die if you cannot restore fresh water to their wells. Know this - Demons are at the heart of this matter, but they remain ignorant of what they have spawned."

Deckard Cain: "Hmm, I don't know what I can really tell you about this that will be of any help. The water that fills our wells comes from an underground spring. I have heard of a tunnel that leads to a great lake - perhaps they are one and the same. Unfortunately, I do not know what would cause our water supply to be tainted."

Farnham: "(scoffs) You drink water?"

Gillian: "My grandmother is very weak, and Garda says that we cannot drink the water from the wells. Please, can you do something to help us?"

Griswold: "Pepin has told you the truth. We will need fresh water badly, and soon. I have tried to clear one of the smaller wells, but it reeks of stagnant filth. It must be getting clogged at the source."

Ogden: "I have always tried to keep a large supply of foodstuffs and drink in our storage cellar, but with the entire town having no source of fresh water, even our stores will soon run dry. Please, do what you can or I don't know what we will do."

Pepin: "Please, you must hurry. Every hour that passes brings us closer to having no water to drink. We cannot survive for long without your help.'"

Wirt: "For once, I'm with you. My business runs dry - so to speak - if I have no market to sell to. You better find out what is going on, and soon!"

Quest Completion Dialog

Pepin: "What's that you say - the mere presence of the Demons had caused the water to become tainted? Oh, truly a great Evil lurks beneath our town, but your perseverance and courage gives us hope. Please take this ring - perhaps it will aid you in the destruction of such vile creatures."