Pattern (Diablo II Rune Word)

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3 Socket Claw
Tal •  Ort •  Tir • 
Level Requirement: 1

10% Bonus to Attack Rating
+40-80% Enhanced damage
17-62 Added Fire Damage
+15% Resist All
+6 to Strength
+6 to Dexterity
+30% chance to block
+2 to mana after each kill
1-50 added Lightning damage

This Rune word exists in the game files, but doesn't work.

Blizzard had announced 10 new runewords in 1.11 but three of them were disabled including Plague and Pattern. Rumours had it that these runewords were enabled in 1.12 for singleplayer but continued to be disabled on, however that is not the case and they have in fact never worked.