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Out of the Shadows

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Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shadows.png
Complete the Belial challenge achievements listed below.
Achievement Series

Out of the Shadows is a meta Challenges Achievement which requires completing achievements related to Belial in Act II.

Meta requirements

Achievement Points Reward Description
Good Eye.png Good Eye 10 Kill Belial without getting hit by his projectile or meteor attacks.
Why'd It Have to Be Snakes.png Why'd It Have to Be Snakes? 10 Kill 10 Veiled Sentinels in the first 30 seconds of starting the fight with Belial on Nightmare difficulty or higher.
Fist Missed.png Fist Missed 10 Kill Belial without getting hit by his fist attack.
Bad Breath.png Bad Breath 10 Kill Belial without getting hit by his breath attack on Inferno difficulty.