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Multi-Shot (Diablo II)

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Multi-Shot is an ability that can spawn with Unique Monsters. It is simple, yet can be very deadly when paired with Lightning Enchanted.

What It Does

Multi-Shot functions exactly like the Amazon skill Multiple Shot. It can only spawn with monsters who have a ranged attack, and will shoot 3 "shots" instead of one.


  • When running up to a monster with this skill, weave from left to right. You can often dodge all 3 missiles or run in between 2 of them to avoid taking damage.
  • If you prefer to sit back and use ranged attacks, simply reposition yourself after several shots to avoid getting hit. Obviously this will be harder than normal since there will be an arc of 3 shots coming at you. But if you can manage to squeeze in between 2 of the missiles, you will not have to run far.
  • As mentioned earlier, Multi-Shot Lightning Enchanted monsters are very deadly. This is because the Charged Bolts released when the Lightning Enchanted monster is hit will be multiplied by 3. Essentially, it's shooting three times as many Charged Bolts than a monster without Multi-Shot. This makes it very hard to dodge and makes it able to kill you 'extremely fast.