Moon Clan Impaler

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Moon Clan Impaler

Spear-throwing Khazra from the Moon Clan. Their spears deal moderate damage and they are highly nimble on their feet. This comes at a cost of them being unable to take damage well and so will die very easily once caught. For this reason they are often found as the main damage dealers of packs of Moon Clan Warriors who will take the damage for them while they unleash pain on the party.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Normal[edit | edit source]

Champion[edit | edit source]

Rare[edit | edit source]

Unique[edit | edit source]

Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Buras the Impaler.jpg

Buras the Impaler Fiery Warrior

Dark Moon Clan Impaler


Lyeless Walks Softly

Moon Clan Impaler

In a group with Branum and Charchian

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