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Monk Skill (Affixes)

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Monk Skill- Fists of Thunder- of the Monsoon 1 of the Monsoon 2 of the Monsoon 3
Monk Skill- Blinding Flash- of Illumination 1 of Illumination 2 of Illumination 3
Monk Skill- Mantra of Evasion- of Chastity 1 of Chastity 2 of Chastity 3
Monk Skill- Lashing Tail Kick- of the Scorpion 1 of the Scorpion 2 of the Scorpion 3
Monk Skill- Deadly Reach- of Lunging 1 of Lunging 2 of Lunging 3
Monk Skill- Dashing Strike- of Reflex 1 of Reflex 2 of Reflex 3
Monk Skill- Lethal Decoy- of Diversion 1 of Diversion 2 of Diversion 3
Monk Skill- Crippling Wave- of Breaking 1 of Breaking 2 of Breaking 3
Monk Skill- Mantra of Retribution- of Humility 1 of Humility 2 of Humility 3
Monk Skill- Inner Sanctuary- of Honor 1 of Honor 2 of Honor 3
Monk Skill- Exploding Palm- of Bursting 1 of Bursting 2 of Bursting 3
Monk Skill- Mantra of Healing- of Divinity 1 of Divinity 2 of Divinity 3
Monk Skill- Sweeping Wind- of the Wind 1 of the Wind 2 of the Wind 3
Monk Skill- Serenity- of Virtue 1 of Virtue 2 of Virtue 3
Monk Skill- Way of the Hundred Fists- of Pummeling 1 of Pummeling 2 of Pummeling 3
Monk Skill- Mantra of Conviction- of Authority 1 of Authority 2 of Authority 3
Monk Skill- Seven Sided Strike- of Technique 1 of Technique 2 of Technique 3
Monk Skill- Mystic Ally- of Devotion 1 of Devotion 2 of Devotion 3
Monk Skill- Wave of Light- of Radiance 1 of Radiance 2 of Radiance 3