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Minions (Diablo II)

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Minions are computer-controlled creatures that assist the player through the perils of Diablo II. They are usually summoned by a skill. Examples of minions are: Amazon's Decoy and Valkyrie; Necromancer's Skeletons, Golems, and Revived; Paladin's Converted; Assassin's Shadows and immobile Traps; Druid's Summoned Animals.

Minions have resistances that do not suffer from Nightmare and Hell Difficulty penalty. They do not benefit from any +damage and -enemy resistances items that the player has. Kills made by minions do not generate life and mana when the player has equipped "+x Life/Mana after each kill" items.

The Sorceress's Hydra was previously a minion, however this has been changed. Hydra now benefits from Fire Mastery and +Fire damage on the equipment of the sorceress.