Market Research

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Market Research
Market Research.png
Meet the following wandering merchants.
TypeGeneral > Exploration
Achievement Series

Market Research is an Achievement which requires finding Wandering Merchants who can be found at randomly spawning unique locations throughout Acts 1-4.


Wandering Mercant Waypoint Location
Wandering Tinker Fields of Misery
(Act I)
Tinker's Hovel at Sheltered Cottage, northern part of the Fields of Misery
Rodger the Alchemist Wortham Chapel Cellar
(Act I)
Across the bridge of the Wortham Bluffs (only during the quest Trailing the Coven)
Vendel the Armorsmith Highlands Crossing
(Act I)
Watch Tower Level 2, Southern Highlands
Adenah the Curio Vendor Fields of Misery
(Act I)
House of Curios, randomly generated in the Lonely Dwelling area of the Fields of Misery.
Kyr the Weaponsmith Halls of Agony Level 2
(Act I)
Highlands Passage, just outside of the exit from Halls of Agony Level 2
Zaven the Alchemist Dahlgur Oasis
(Act II)
Mysterious Cave, at the southern/western "peninsula" of Dahlgur Oasis
Larra Black Canyon Mines
(Act II)
Deserted Cellar, northern part of the Black Canyon Mines (hiding under some rubble)
Halmin the Alchemist
The Bridge of Korsikk
(Act III)
The Foundry Level 1 at the center of The Battlefields (hiding under the bed)