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Marauder's Carapace

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Marauder's Carapace

Marauder's Carapace.png



Damage -(-)
Damage (-) - (-)
Attack Speed Expression error: Unexpected round operator.
Armor 660-759
Durability 25 - 44
Required Level 70
Item Level
Sockets 3-3
Sell Value 4879 - 6732 Gold.png
Set Name Embodiment of the Marauder

 •  +416 – 500 Dexterity
 •  +4 Random Magic Properties
 •  3 Empty Socket

"We can wear the demons’ armaments, their very flesh, upon our bodies, and become something more than human—a nightmare reflection of demonkind—to sow chaos and death among them."—Hunter Esche Maithe