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Mana (Diablo I)

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Magi (Diablo I).png
Healing Magic Requirements
Base Healing 1-10* Spell Level 1 -
Healing Type Mana Requires 255 at Level -
Healing Increase Mana Cost
per Class Level 1-4* Initial Mana Cost -
per Spell Level 1-6* Reduction per Spell Level -
per Magic Point - Lowest Mana Cost -

Mana works exactly like Healing, only it restored mana instead of life. It cannot be learned and must be obtained from scrolls or charges.

Healing Calculation

Real Mana restore: bonus*(Itt(clvl, Rnd[4]+1) + Itt(slvl, Rnd[6] + 1) + Rnd[10] + 1)
Min. Mana: bonus*(1 + clvl + slvl)
Max. Mana: bonus*(10 + 4*clvl + 6*slvl)
  • Sorcerer: 2.0
  • Rogue and Bard: 1.5
  • Warrior, Monk and Barbarian: 1.0

* The healing values represent how much a Sorcerer is healed. Rogues and Bards receive 50% more health, and Warriors, Monks and Barbarians 100% more than the base.