Makers of Masterpieces

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Makers of Masterpieces
Makers of Masterpieces.png
Craft 200 artisan level 10 items.
Points30 (cumulative)
Achievement Series
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Makers of Masterpieces is a Crafting Achievement which requires crafting at least 200 items from level 10 artisans, either the Jeweler or the Blacksmith. Training the artisans to level 10 requires playing in Inferno difficulty.

Achievement series

Achievement Points Reward Description
Made to Order.png Made to Order 10 Banner Pattern - Full Waves.png Banner Pattern
Full Waves
Craft 5 items.
Custom-Fit.png Custom-Fit 20 (cumulative) Banner Sigil - Great Shield.png Banner Sigil - Great Shield (variant).png Banner Sigil
Great Shield
Craft 100 items.
Makers of Masterpieces.png Makers of Masterpieces 30 (cumulative) Craft 200 artisan level 10 items.