Magic Resistant (Diablo II)

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Magic Resistant is one of the attributes that Unique Monsters can spawn with in Diablo II. This attribute is the elemental mirror of the Stone Skin attribute. If a monster spawns with both, it will be incredibly resistant to most types of attacks.

What It Does

A Magic Resistant monster will be given 40 more resistance to Fire, Lightning, and Cold damage only if it is below 100%.


  • Elemental attacks will be quite ineffective against these monsters. Seek out physical, poisonous, or pure magic attacks (such as Bone Spear or Bone Spirit).
  • Oddly, this attribute does not render the monster resistant to actual magic. So your pure magic attacks will still work. (Necromancers rejoice!)
  • The monster will not be completely immune to your elemental attacks, so you can still use them if you have no alternative.