Made to Order

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Made to Order
Made to Order.png
Craft 5 items.
Banner Pattern
Full Waves
Banner Pattern - Full Waves.png
Achievement Series
Custom-Fit →

Made to Order is a Crafting Achievement which requires crafting at least 5 items from either the Jeweler or the Blacksmith.

Achievement series

Achievement Points Reward Description
Made to Order.png Made to Order 10 Banner Pattern - Full Waves.png Banner Pattern
Full Waves
Craft 5 items.
Custom-Fit.png Custom-Fit 20 (cumulative) Banner Sigil - Great Shield.png Banner Sigil - Great Shield (variant).png Banner Sigil
Great Shield
Craft 100 items.
Makers of Masterpieces.png Makers of Masterpieces 30 (cumulative) Craft 200 artisan level 10 items.