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Laws of Valor

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Laws of Valor
Laws of Valor
Game Diablo III
Class Crusader
Type Active - Laws
Unlock level 14
Cooldown 30 seconds
Active: Empower the Law, granting you and your allies 15% increased Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Passive: Recite the Law, granting you and your allies 8% increased Attack Speed.
Only one Law may be active at a time.

Laws of Valor is a Crusader active skill in Diablo III.


Level Skill rune
21 Invincible
Invincible ()
Active: Empowering the Law also increases your Life on Hit by 21457.
25 Frozen in Terror
Frozen in Terror ()
Active: Empowering the Law also grants you a 100% chance to Stun all enemies within 10 yards for 5 seconds.
33 Critical
Critical ()
Active: Empowering the Law also increases your Critical Hit Damage by 50%.
45 Unstoppable Force
Unstoppable Force ()
Active: Empowering the law also reduces the Wrath cost of all skills by 50% for 5 seconds.
54 Answered Prayer
Answered Prayer ()
Active: While the Law is empowered, each enemy killed increases the duration by 1 second, up to a maximum of 10 seconds of increased time.

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