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Last Stand of the Ancients

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Last Stand of the Ancients
Event Quest.png
Defeat the invaders.
ActAct I
LocationThe Festering Woods
TriggerMemorial Stone
Gold215 Gold.png
JournalThe Last Stand of the Ancients
  • Defeat the invaders

Last Stand of the Ancients is an event quest in Act I. It has a chance to spawn in the Festering Woods. The event is triggered by interacting with a Memorial Stone.

The journal The Last Stand of the Ancients, required for the achievement A Quick Study, is dropped in this event.


Leah Portrait.png
I wonder who killed these soldiers...
We'll soon find out.Barbarian Portrait.png
Well, there's only one way to find out.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
We'll have the answer soon.Monk Portrait.png
I sense that we will soon know the answer.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
I think we'll find out soon enough.Wizard Portrait.png
  • Trigger the Memorial Stone.
Nephalem Spirit Portrait.png
Ancient Hero
Take the hill, brothers! Don't let these dogs have it!
  • Defeat the invaders.
Leah Portrait.png
That last skeleton must have been one of Alaric's people. But it didn't stop him from attacking.
Both sides of this ancient battle war against us.Barbarian Portrait.png Monk Portrait.png Witch Doctor Portrait.png 
Death has a way of twisting the memory.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
I believe we are fighting against both sides of an ancient battle...Wizard Portrait.png
Enchantress Portrait.png
Their spirits have been rent asunder. No reason remains within them.


Achievement Points Reward Description
Last Stand of the Ancients (achievement).png Last Stand of the Ancients 10 Complete the Last Stand of the Ancients event.
Last Stand of the Ancients (Cooperative).png Last Stand of the Ancients (Cooperative) 10 Complete the Last Stand of the Ancients event in a cooperative game.