Kormac N'Cheese

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Kormac N'Cheese
Kormac N'Cheese.png
Listen to all of Templar's conversations in Act V.
TypeGeneral > Conversations
  • Kormac's Unease
  • The Grand Maester
  • The Corruption of the Templars
  • Peace of Mind
  • The Future
  • Talking to Eirena
  • A Future with Eirena
Achievement Series

Kormac N'Cheese is an Achievement which requires listening to the conversations of Templar in Act V.


  • Conversations are available at the beginning of the quest, unless otherwise stated.
  • Please take note that certain conversations will are only available during a brief window between the end of a quest and the start of the next quest. These will be marked with an asterisk (*).
Conversation Quest
Kormac's Unease Souls of the dead
The Grand Maester The Harbringer
The Corruption of the Templars The Harbinger - Speak to Kormac
Peace of Mind The Pandemonium Gate - Go to the Gate - Talk to Kormac
The Future [The Battlefields of Eternity] - Siege Runes
Talking to Eirena [The Battlefields of Eternity] - Siege Runes
A Future with Eirena Breaching the Fortress and Angel of Death (Kormac and Eirena mustn't follow you) Can also be picked up at [The Battlefields of Eternity] - Siege Runes