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Judge of Character

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Judge of Character
Judge of Character.png
Read the following People lore books in Act II.
TypeCampaign > Act II
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Achievement Series

Judge of Character is a Campaign Achievement which requires collecting all 35 People lore books in Act II.

Lore books

Lore Location Source Quest requirement
Fuad's Journal Fuad's Cellar (Howling Plateau) Fuad the Cannibal
Zoltun Kulle Hidden Camp Adria Unexpected Allies
The Musings of Sardar Tomb of Sardar (Dahlgur Oasis) Satchel Sardar's Treasure
The Promises of Fezuul al-Kazaar Dahlgur Oasis Fezuul
Eirena's Journal Eirena, after the conversation "Eirena's Journey"
Iron Wolf Captain's Journal Alcarnus Iron Wolf Captain's Corpse
The Legend of Zei the Trickster Covetous Shen, after the conversation "A Case of Mistaken Identity"
Kala's Poem Hidden Camp Kala, after the conversation "Noble Dreams" Blood and Sand
The Last Will of Khan Dakab Tomb of Khan Dakab (Dahlgur Oasis) Satchel The Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab
Larra's Diary Deserted Cellar (Black Canyon Mines) Larra
Kulle's Journal, Part 1 Vault of the Assassin (Desolate Sands) Zoltun Kulle's Journal Blood and Sand
Kulle's Journal, Part 2 Cave of the Betrayer (Desolate Sands) The Black Soulstone
Kulle's Journal, Part 3 Cave of the Betrayer (Desolate Sands) Blood and Sand
Kulle's Journal, Part 4 Soulstone Chamber (The Terminus) The Black Soulstone
Leah's Journal, Part 8 Hidden Camp Leah's Belongings Shadows in the Desert
Leah's Journal, Part 9 City of Blood
Leah's Journal, Part 10 Unexpected Allies
Leah's Journal, Part 11 Blood and Sand - Waterlogged Passage
Leah's Journal, Part 12 The Scouring of Caldeum
The Seven Lords of Hell Secret Altar (Howling Plateau)
Stinging Winds
The Ruins (Stinging Winds)
Road to Alcarnus
Flooded Causeway
Ruined Cistern
Dahlgur Oasis
The Forgotten Ruins (Dahlgur Oasis)
Vault of the Assassin (Dahlgur Oasis)
Cain's Lost Satchel
Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish
Azmodan, the Lord of Sin
Baal, the Lord of Destruction
Belial, the Lord of Lies
Diablo, the Lord of Terror
Duriel, the Lord of Pain
Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred
A Love Letter Dahlgur Oasis Keepsake Box
Necromancer's Log Stinging Winds Mehtan the Necromancer The Restless Sands
The Imperial Guard's Orders Rotting Cellar (Dahlgur Oasis) Copperfang Lurker
Crumbling Journal Desolate Sands Skeletal Remains
Poltahr's Notes Chamber of the Lost Idol (Stinging Winds) Poltahr's Satchel The Rygnar Idol
Lyndo's Journal Desolate Sands Satchel Ancient Device
Blackened Journal Caldeum Bazaar Charred Iron Wolf Corpse Scourging of Caldeum
A Servant's Journal Caldeum Bazaar (near Searing Sands Inn) Crumpled Corpse A Royal Audience