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Here is a list of Jewelry from Diablo I and its expansion, Hellfire.


The Optic Amulet can only be obtained through Halls of the Blind quest in single player mode. All other items listed here are obtainable through drops. However, a bug in the drop system has rendered most of the items 'unavailable' in game. Several items have more than one of the same type and level in existence, and hence only the first item will drop unless two items of the same type and level drop at the same time.

Diablo I

Optic Amulet
Optic Amulet (Diablo I).gif

+20% Resist Lightning
+20% Light Radius
-1 Damage From Enemies
+5 to Magic

The Bleeder
Bleeder (Diablo I).gif

Resists Magic +20%
+30 Mana
-10 Hitpoints

The Bramble
Bleeder (Diablo I).gif

-2 to All Attributes
+10 Mana
+3 Damage

Constricting Ring
Constricting Ring (Diablo I).gif

+75% Resist All
You Constantly Lose Hitpoints

Empyrean Band
Empyrean Band (Diablo I).gif

+2 to All Attributes
+20% Light Radius
Absorbs Half of Trap Damage
Fast Hit Recovery

Ring of Engagement
Ring of Engagement (Diablo I).gif

-2 Damage from Enemies
Attackers Take 1-3 Damage
Armor Class: 5
Damages Targets Armor

Ring of Regha
Ring of Regha (Diablo I).gif

+10 to Magic
Resist Magic +10%
+10% Light Radius
-3 Strength
-3 Dexterity

Ring of Truth
Ring of Truth (Diablo I).gif

+10 Hitpoints
-1 Damage From Enemies
+10% Resist All


Auric Amulet
Auric Amulet (Diablo I).gif

Doubles Your Gold Carrying Capacity
Acolyte's Amulet
Acolyte's Amulet (Diablo I).gif

50% Mana Transferred to Health
Amulet Of Warding
Amulet of Warding (Diablo I).gif

+40% Resist All
-100 Health

Gladiator's Ring
Gladiator's Ring (Diablo I).gif

40% Mana Transferred to Health
Giant's Knuckle
Giants Knuckle (Diablo I).gif

+60 Srength
-30 Dexterity

Karik's Ring
Kariks Ring (Diablo I).gif

+60 Vitality
-30 Magic

Ring of Magma
Ring of Magma (Diablo I).gif

+60% Resist Fire
-30% Resist Lightning and Magic

Mercurial Ring
Mercurial Ring (Diablo I).gif

+60 Dexterity
-30 Strength

Ring Of Mystics
Ring of Mystics (Diablo I).gif

+60% Resist Magic
-30% Resist Lightning and Fire

Ring Of Thunder
Ring of Thunder (Diablo I).gif

+60 Resist Lightning
-30% Resist Fire and Magic

Xorine's Ring
Xorine's Ring (Diablo I).gif

+60 Magic
-30 Strength