Jersey's Jersey

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The Jersey's Jersey quest can only be activated by using the command.txt file. Instead of Lester the Farmer you will find the Complete Nut.

After talking a couple of times to him he will give the adventurer a Rune Bomb. Dropping this bomb on the alien bulb near the bridge would open the Nest. Within the nest, the adventurer found one gray suit lying on the ground somewhere on level 3 and one brown suit lying on the ground somewhere on level 4. If the adventurer brings the brown suit to the Complete Nut, he will give you the Bovine Plate.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article

  • This quest can be said to be a product of the ongoing Secret Cow Level rumors at that time. In fact, this quest may have been the forerunner of the real Secret Cow Level in Diablo II.