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Items (Zy-El)

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Modder Kato
Latest Release 4.4c
Game Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Patch Version 1.09d
Platform Windows
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Demon Boxes and Demon Keys

Demonbox (Zy-El).jpg

Demon boxes are items which can drop from monsters in the Insanity Levels starting at normal. In addition, they can also be dropped from monsters in the Matrix, Killing Grounds, Cow Level, and also from monsters in the Worldstone Keep. They usually have a cryptic message which corresponds to which item is stored inside. You may need to use a Demon key, poster fragment or a different item to open the box.

On the other hand, Demon keys can be first dropped from Mephiesto in Act 3 in normal. It can also be dropped by Diablo and Baal. Finally, monsters in the Insanity Levels and also The Matrix, Killing Grounds, and Cow Level can also drop these



Zy-El Scroll

Zyelscroll (Zy-El).jpg

A Zy-El Scroll is an artifact which will never drop from any monster. However, fragments of these scrolls can be found from certain high-level monsters or through arcane means. A completed scroll can be assembled once an entire set of 7 fragments is transmuted within the Horadric Cube. Each fragment is numbered 1 through 7; one of each fragment must be placed into the Horadric Cube in order to successfully transmute into a Zy-El Scroll.

Not all fragments can be found in the same difficulty. The completion of a Scroll may require venturing to different difficulties and re-visiting different map levels. You will never find all the fragments just doing Cow runs - that's for sure. Only those who are worthy will be able to find all the fragments - a true quest to test the most stalwart heroes!

Zy-El Scroll to generate unique items:

  • Zy-El Scroll + Unique Jewel + Elixir + Any Item -> Random Unique Item of same type with max sockets

Zy-El Scroll to generate crafted items:

  • Zy-El Scroll + Crafted Jewel + Elixir + Any Item -> Random Crafted Item of same type with max sockets

Zy-El Scroll to generate better crafted items:

  • Zy-El Scroll + crafted Item -> Better Crafted Item of same type (WARNING: This does not upgrade, it generates all new stats)

Zy-El craft (Zy-El).jpg

Zy-El scroll frag (Zy-El).jpg

Fragment Re-roll:

  • Zy-El Scroll Fragment + Perfect Gem + Elixir -> Random new Zy-El Scroll Fragment (WARNING: You MAY end up getting the same number fragment.)

Zy-El Scrolls can be used to generate Zy-El Artifacts