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Beta Info Dfans.png This article relates to the Beta releases of Diablo III. Information may change during development and release of the game.

Items in Sanctuary have different qualities or rarities. this rarity applies to equipment, and is a general indicator of the strength of the item compared to other items of a comparable item level. Lower quality items but with higher item levels are generally superior, and given enough of a difference in item level a common item can be much better than a rare or legendary of a much lower lvel.

Quality Levels

Ornate Boots of Accuracy

The concept of quality levels is important in the Diablo games and has existed since Diablo I. In the strict sense these refer to the six quality levels of equipment players can find:

  • Inferior: These items, Also referred to as "junk" are not normally worn by the player due to their low quality and acted act sell-able or salvageable items at first. However, during the Beta, the sell value of such items has been greatly diminished and they have become non-salvageable thus making them act as "glitter" rather than actual loot.
  • Common: Most normal items have no attributes associated with them unless they are of superior quality. They are the base item to be modified by other qualities.
  • Magic: Magic items have a few affixes on them that are reflected in the name of the item. For example, on the boots pictured at right, "Ornate" applies a +150% gold sell value to vendors and "of Accuracy" gives the boots an additional dexterity modifier.
  • Rare: Rare items are better magic items, spawning with more random properties. Blizzard has stated that they want rare items to have a chance to be better than legendary items because of the random modifiers.
  • Legendary: Legendary items replace Unique Items from Diablo II. They are powerful items with many preset properties that always appear on the same legendary items, though they also come with a few random properties that differ between items.
  • Set: Set items are similar to legendary items except they also provide additional properties if you equip items of the same set.

Note that rare, legendary and set items can all be viable the most powerful depending on where in the game the player is and how rich the player. Rare items are in theory the best, provided they drop with favorable properties, while legendary and set items provide solid and consistent bonuses. Magic items of an equal level are generally weak however, and common items are always trumped by the other tiers.

Items of magic and rare quality can be crafted by the Blacksmith given appropriate training and materials provided. All quality level items can be socketed by the Jeweler.

Crafted Items

Items crafted by the Blacksmith can be of magic and rare qualities.

All of the items crafted by the Blacksmith have randomized properties, therefore in order to craft an item with the most desired affixes will definitely require multiple attempts.

The best items crafted by the Blacksmith, which are all of rare-level quality, are not available until he is taught to craft the item from a specific Plan.

This is in line with the design decisions to make rare items the theoretical best items in the game. Comparing a rare and legendary item of an equal item level, the unique item will most often be the best since the rare items suffers from wild variations in its properties due to the random nature of it. But if a rare item spawns with six beneficial and powerful properties, it has the potential to outshine the legendary item. Since these items will be rare, it will take time to acquire them and thus creates the item hutning drive the games are famous for.

Removed Quality Levels

In the early stages of the development of Diablo III there was a category called Artifact, which was intended to combine the unique and set items from Diablo II. This quality level has since been scrapped, and Legendary and Set items introduced in its place.