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Iron Heart

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Iron Heart
Iron Heart.png
Raise the Blacksmith to level 5.
TypeCrafting > Blacksmith
Points30 (cumulative)
Achievement Series
← Steeling with Feeling A Life with Meaning →

Iron Heart is a Crafting Achievement which requires training the Blacksmith, Haedrig Eamon, to level 5. Training him to level 5 requires playing in at least Nightmare difficulty.

Achievement series

Achievement Points Reward Description
To the Smithy!.png To the Smithy! 10 Acquire the Blacksmith.
Steeling with Feeling.png Steeling with Feeling 20 (cumulative) Banner Pattern - X.png Banner Pattern
Level up the Blacksmith.
Iron Heart.png Iron Heart 30 (cumulative) Raise the Blacksmith to level 5.
A Life with Meaning.png A Life with Meaning 40 (cumulative) Banner Sigil - Anvil.png Banner Sigil - Anvil (variant).png Banner Sigil
Raise the Blacksmith to level 10.