Inferno (The Hell)

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Inferno is a short-range spell that deals fire damage each frame. It affects 3 tiles on the line that starts from the character and continues in a pointed direction.

Per-frame damage, as shown in the game spell-book (v1.216):

  • Minimum: 3
  • Maximum: (6 + clvl * 1.5), rounded up

In the original game, the damage happens 20, 25 and 30 times in the nearest, middle and farthest tiles respectively. It is unknown if this behavior was changed in The Hell.

Mana cost: (11 - slvl), minimum 4 (true in v1.216)

It seems there is no benefit in increasing slvl past 7, unless some undocumented mechanics exists.

Minimum Magcur to read the book: 50

Hotkey: K

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.