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Immortal King's Stone Crusher

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OUTDATED: The information on this page was removed during development and is no longer present in Diablo III.
Immortal King's Stone Crusher

Immortal King's Stone Crusher.png



Damage -(414-414)
Damage (381-381) - (414-414)
Attack Speed 1-1
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Durability 40 - 50
Required Level 60
Item Level 61
Sockets display: none;
Sell Value 1890 Gold.png
Set Name Immortal King

 •  +1 Random Properties
 •  Increases attack speed by 16 - 17%
 •  +5 - 12% Damage to Demons
 •  +87 - 173 Minimum Damage
 •  +116 - 231 Maximum Damage
 •  Ignores durability loss.
 •  One of 4 Magic Properties (varies)

 •  Reduces resource cost of Hammer of the Ancients by 1 - 4 Fury.
 •  Increase critical hit chance of Seismic Slam by 2 - 6%.
 •  Increase critical hit chance of Whirlwind by 2 - 6%.
 •  Increase critical hit chance of Overpower by 2 - 6%.

The favorite weapon of Worusk, the king of the tribes.


Replaced by Immortal King's Boulder Breaker