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Identify (Diablo I).png

  • Identify identifies an unknown magic or unique item. There is no spell book of identify in The Hell. There are relics(scrolls), and staves of identify, however. A bountiful staff of identify is a very useful item! The Assassin's innate skill is identify.

A poor and novice player may find it advantageous to only identify items that they would equip themselves. Paying Cain 100 gold for the purpose of selling the item to Griswold or Adria is usually unprofitable until higher levels. But, since you do have Gillian's shared stash available for all characters in single or multiplayer, one could, although the process is a little long, make an Assassin strictly for Identifying new items that you come across, exempting yourself from the 100 gold fee that Cain asks

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.