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The Accursed were created when a necrotic plague spread through Kehjistan centuries ago. The infected watched in terror as their flesh blackened and died; the strongest medicines could not stop the decay. Eventually they fell into a dormant state, and their bodies were piled up in dark and forgotten places... where they could rest undisturbed.

Deckard Cain

Accursed are fast but weak enemies which pose little direct threat to the party on the field but are highly annoying upon death. On death they give off poisonous fumes which deal continuous moderate stacking damage to all party members who remain standing on them.


  • Disease Explosion
    Disease contained in the Accursed cause them to pop a few seconds after death, releasing diseased gas directly into the air above. This gas does continuous moderate damage to any party member who remains in contact with it but dissipates after a few seconds.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Plagar the Damned.jpg

Plagar the Damned Brutish Accursed


Random spawn in area.


Sardar The Soulless One


Part of Sardar's Treasure.