Holy Bolt (The Hell)

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Holy Bolt creates a bolt of holy energy dealing damage to undead. It can knockback undead.

Speed formula since v1.82c: slvl+10, max=30

Speed formula before v1.82c: slvl*2 + 16, max=50

Damage formula since v1.207

For all classes except Paladin: ((CLVL*(Rnd[cMAG]+(SLVL*10)))/30)+10+Rnd[CLVL*10]

For Paladin: ((CLVL*(Rnd[cMAG]+(SLVL*10)))/15)+10+Rnd[CLVL*10]

Damage formula before v.207 (since v1.113)

curMAG + 5 + Rnd[11], 200% damage for Purgatory, 300% - for Doom

Example: on Horror mode, if your character has current Magic of 60, Holy Bolt will deal [65-75] damage (60+5, +random (0 to 10), on Purgatory, with curMAG of 100, it will do [210-230], on Doom, with cMAG of 300, it will do [915-945] Holy damage.

Hotkey for Holy Bolt: H

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