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Historian of Tristram

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Historian of Tristram
Historian of Tristram.png
Read the following World lore books in Act I.
TypeCampaign > Act I
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Achievement Series

Historian of Tristram is a Campaign Achievement which requires collecting all 17 World lore books in Act I.

Lore books

Lore Location Source
New Tristram The Slaughtered Calf Inn (New Tristram) On the table near the entrance
Old Tristram Journal Old Tristram Road
The Old Ruins
Old Keepsake Box
Traveler's Journal Old Tristram Road Adventurer's Corpse
Warriv's Journal Warriv
The Hanging Tree The Weeping Hollow Hanging Tree (rare random event)
Gravedigger's Log Cemetery of the Forsaken Gravedigger's Bones
Tristram Fields Fields of Misery Slain Traveler
The Last Stand of the Ancients The Festering Woods After the Last Stand of the Ancients event
Tomb Robber's Journal Crypt of the Ancients (The Festering Woods) Crypt Robber
Warrior's Rest Warrior's Rest (The Festering Woods) Warrior's Skeleton
The Drowned Temple Drowned Temple Ancient Bones/Skeleton
Torn Letter Caverns of Araneae Dusty Bag
Torn Letter's Response Dusty Bag (after obtaining Torn Letter)
Khazra Heads Wanted Highlands Crossing
Southern Highlands
Northern Highlands
Decaying Corpse
Researching the Khazra
The Khazra Massacre
The Highlands Southern Highlands Lost Chest