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Hell Bringer

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The Hell Bringer is a sort of demonic defensive structure. It attacks by burning everything nearby with demonic energy. Since it is unable to move it also can fire a tractor beam at party members to drag them into its damage area. Tractor beam cannot hit targets moving in an orbit. Almost completely harmless by itself as the damage dealt is very low. Care must be taken when fighting other monster packs nearby as the tractor beam will cause knockback stun and drag you though monsters into a potentially undesirable location, all of which can result in extra indirect damage.

Sometimes found surrounded by 3 Demon Mines in a triangle. Detonating the mines can cause considerable damage to the Hell Bringer. Also found in groups of 3 arranged in a tightly packed triangle. Avoid standing in the middle of such an arrangement as the damage dealt can be considerable.


  • Tractor Beam
    Periodically fires a beam to pull party members into melee range. Beam only used if there is nothing nearby to damage.
  • Demonic Emissions
    Burns all nearby party members for continuous minor damage. Used when there is something damageable in range.


Only found as normal monsters.


  • Hell Bringer