Heavy Metalworking

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Heavy Metalworking
Heavy Metalworking.png
Teach the Blacksmith 50 recipes.
TypeCrafting > Blacksmith
Points30 (cumulative)
Achievement Series
← Metalworking Heavier Metalworking →

Heavy Metalworking is a Crafting Achievement which requires teaching the Blacksmith at least 50 armor and weapon recipes from randomly-dropped Plans.

Achievement series

Achievement Points Reward Description
Mind on the Metal.png Mind on the Metal 10 Banner Shape - Druidic.png Banner Shape
Teach the Blacksmith a recipe.
Metalworking.png Metalworking 20 (cumulative) Teach the Blacksmith 25 recipes.
Heavy Metalworking.png Heavy Metalworking 30 (cumulative) Teach the Blacksmith 50 recipes.
Heavier Metalworking.png Heavier Metalworking 40 (cumulative) Teach the Blacksmith 75 recipes.
Death Metalworking.png Death Metalworking 50 (cumulative) Banner Shape - Thorned.png Banner Shape
Teach the Blacksmith 100 recipes.